Monday, May 9, 2011

Leaping Lizards! - Corriganville Hike

My sister and I chose Corriganville Trail for our hike this morning. This particular area has been a favorite location for filming movies since the 1920's. While heading back down the trail towards the trailhead we spied these two lizards on a fallen log. At first it looked like they were either preparing to fight or mate, but they are two different types of lizard. It soon became evident that the larger of the two was trying to avoid the smaller one and he began to HOP and JUMP to avoid him. Finally, he jumped completely over the little guy. It was the strangest thing we have ever seen a lizard do! Fortunately my camera also has a video feature. If anyone can identify this lizard we would be grateful.


  1. Did some research and it looks like we came upon a male and female lizard involved in a mating or courtship ritual. My friend Ray confirms that they are both of the Western Fence species.

  2. No good with identifying lizards I'm afraid but I enjoyed the video. One almost looked like a chameleon to me but then I don't have my reading glasses on :)

  3. We thought it looked like a chameleon too but it's a lizard. This little guy arched his back like a cat, his tail stood straight up in the air and hopped off all fours. It was comical to watch.

  4. Hi, Thanks for your comments on my blog site. I am enjoying your site as well. great pics and subjects. I was born in Simi Valley. I am planning on hiking Tar creek behind Fillmore and matilija creek by Ojai really soon in the next few weeks. Keep hiking and I look forward to following your site. Take care...


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