Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old West Days at Randsburg, CA

Hey all, I have just returned from a fabulous and wild four days in Randsburg, California, located in the Mojave Desert. This little town was founded in 1895 by three gold miners and has been hanging on ever since. The population might be under 100, but the place is still alive and kicking. It is actually a living ghost town and is about as authentic as it gets, with many original buildings still standing and quite a few in use as homes and businesses. Little did I know that when Scrappy, one of the owners of the Cottage Hotel / Goat Sky Ranch, told me that dressing up for the festivities was encouraged that I would get pulled in and made PART of the entertainment. I dressed as an old west bordello madam and ended up getting arrested, thrown in jail and busted out by the Ghostriders outlaw gang three times, got to rob the stage twice, joined the parade through town and was included in a historical documentary being filmed about the town. So, it was a busy and enjoyable four days where I made many new friends.

Photos are still being processed, so in the meantime enjoy a few videos of the wild and woolly fun...

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